Kristy Klean Ltd

It's not clean until it's Kristy Klean


Kristy Klean Ltd 

It's not clean until its Kristy Klean 

Kristy Klean Ltd is family owned and operated. We are a local cleaning company for Grande Prairie and the surrounding Peace Country. We have over 13 years of experience in our industry. We lead the cleaning industry by our unique standards, and communication with client‚Äčs. We have our own standards that we provide our clients on a regular base as well we customize to each and every client needs and wants. We provide 99.9% dependability, provide the quality you deserve and we back our reputation. At Kristy Klean you will always be able to talk with the owner, as I am here to provide you what I promise. Having a clean environment insures healthy living for all.


Kristy Klean was founded in 2010, by the owner Kristy Dryden Lutsiak, we now have well over 20 qualified staff. Quality, standards and reputation are very important to us. We are very open minded to communication with all our clients. 


We care about our clients, their health and overall productivity. Its a proven fact a healthy employee is a happy employee.Flu season can cause our homes to become a revolving door for illness, we are here to help decrease the long lasting effects of colds and flu's.We insure proper sanitation to decrease illness. We do not cross contaminate our rags or our mops. Our equipment is maintained properly to insure the best quality to our clients.


We run in teams with 2-3 staff that have assigned tasks to complete pure location. We are able to use our time efficiently and effectively. 

Our TEAM :) is professional, outgoing, loving and all around fun to be around. You can be professional and fun at the same time, for example this back round picture was taken when it was -48 with the windchill. Our staff were moping and taking our gear outside when the cold hit the room it started to steam. We add the fun into our job that can be at times a long dirty day. At Kristy Klean we are family, we spend more time with each other then we do our own families. Therefor we make our time spent together efficient, successful, productive and fun. So when we go home to our families they get all of us not just half of us because we are not thinking about what we missed. We know our job is done right and our clients are happy, allowing us to let our hair down to enjoy life away from work. 

We support our local nonprofits in our community 

Here is just a few examples that went a long way 

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Edmonton's House had a wish.... a wish to clean dishes faster then their regular dishwasher's to help keep up to all the families they support. We made a wish come true with a commercial dishwasher that can wash and sanitize within 3 minutes. During this visits we also donated a tone of toys, teddies and gifts for Christmas and brought smiles to many families :)    

PARDS - Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society 

PARDS is a fantastic riding facility that we have had the pleasure helping over the last few years. I have personally volunteered for side walking or leading their clients while riding. We also provide weekly cleaning at no charge to help them keep their  facility clean. We have also donated a saddle and harness set for their riding programs.

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